kodai and associates perceive notional connections between spaces through site-specific conditions. Our philosophy is to calibrate requirements and our found readings into timeless and unique spaces. 

We work on schemes with concepts backed by choices of materials, the composition of spaces and indoor-outdoor relationships to strengthen the experience. Our East-West cultural roots, with past experiences in art, architecture, and landscape & garden, contribute to creating a borderless environment. 

We engage the project from a room with a garden, interior architecture, a house, cultural and commercial buildings, and gardens. We closely work with the commissioner and reaching out from Zurich worldwide.

KOHTEI | Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens

::: zen temple pavilion :::

As a director of Architecture in SANDWICH Inc. (Kohei Nawa, Yuichi Kodai, Yoshitaka Lee)


Photo: Nobutada Omote

Zen temple art pavilion for meditation. The installation located within the roof portrays your garden in your mind whereas the outdoor garden makes you realise the physical reality.

CHALET RESIDENCE | Crans Montana, Switzerland

::: interior experience :::


Photo: Yuichi Kodai

Renovation of an apartment in a swiss mountain chalet. The scheme intended to create distinct living experiences for the night and day. The warmth of wood wraps the space.

- work in progress -

TANGO HOTEL | Kyoto, Japan

::: hospitality experience :::


in partnership with Placecraft Ten

A hotel to accommodate long-stay visitors in the nature and culture-rich region in the peninsula of Kyoto prefecture. The beauty of local village life enriches the hospitality experience with vast rice fields, forests, and thatch-roofed Minka houses. The interaction with the local community is an active part of the local experience to take home.

- work in progress -

AKATSUKI HOUSE | Zürich, Switzerland

::: interior & garden :::


Photo: Yuichi Kodai

A project to calibrate the ambience of the living experience in a concrete home. The intervention to soften the echo helps your mind to engage with the lake, mountain and city view through a newly curated terrace garden. The newly fitted-out bathroom induces a special moment of the day.

- work in progress -

CHALK GARDEN | Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

::: english-japanese garden :::


Photo: Georgia Rothman

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, commissioned us to install the Japanese-English garden in their Grade II listed building, Temperate House. The scheme fuses the two nations' distinctive garden cultures.

BAMBOO WAVE STAGE | County Hall Arts, London

::: temporary concert stage pavilion :::


Photo: Yuichi Kodai

A guitar concert stage for leading British classic guitarist, Alexandra Whittingham. The stage design was conceived to embrace the guitarist through strings and bamboo by the river Thames. 

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