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kodai and associate was founded in the historic city of Kyoto, Japan,

and operates our design services from Zürich, Switzerland.

We embrace the notion of a Gesamtkunstwerk in our approach to garden, interior, and architectural design, profoundly appreciating the transformative power of artworks. Our philosophy seamlessly integrates these disciplines, weaving together concepts, the unique narratives of our clients, and the environments we work within.

Each of our projects reflects this holistic vision. We meticulously select materials that honour traditions and cultures, ensuring sustainable contributions to our designs. This commitment allows us to craft environments that transcend borders and time, creating spaces that deeply connect with their occupants and surroundings.

We invite you to explore our services and embark on a journey with us to create architectural spaces that reflect your aspirations and values.

KOHTEI | Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens

::: Zen Temple Meditation Pavilion :::

As a director of Architecture in SANDWICH Inc. (Kohei Nawa, Yuichi Kodai, Yoshitaka Lee)

Photo: Nobutada Omote

The Zen Temple Pavilion for meditation. The pavilion's roof establishes a profound relationship between the structure and nature, inviting you into the installation within the roof that takes you to the gardens in your mind. The exterior garden makes you aware of our physical reality. The balance of mind and physical experiences formulate Zen.

CHALET RESIDENCE | Crans-Montana, Switzerland

::: Embraced by Swiss Wood :::

Photo: Yuichi Kodai

A Swiss chalet transformation weaves together the joys of family and their art wrapped in the warmth of softwood. The design embraces the space with the unique play of natural light, sculpting distinctive atmospheres with the artistry of expert joinery and Japanese master crafting.

DAWN AT THE LAKESIDE | Zürich, Switzerland

::: Swiss Living in Japanese Aesthetic :::

Photo: Yuichi Kodai

A concrete house and garden renovation, creating a living environment that engages our senses every day. Eyes, ears, and skin become conduits, connecting the mind to the great scenery of Lake Zurich, mountains, sky, and the memories of the dweller. Whether you're bathing, cooking, sleeping, or working, the concrete house is reimagined as a protective container, ensuring comfort for both body and mind.

KYO-TANGO HOTEL | Kyoto, Japan

::: Hospitality Supporting Local Economy :::

Placecraft Ten

Long-stay hotel in the culturally rich Kyoto Tango peninsula, surrounded by terraced rice fields, forests, and traditional thatch-roofed Minka houses. The hotel will actively engage with the local community, creating an opportunity to take home good memories and a deeper connection with this region's culture, people and nature.

- work in progress -

CHALK GARDEN | Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

::: English-Japanese Garden :::

Photo: Georgia Rothman

An English-Japanese garden, a tribute to the horticultural traditions of both our nations, is created by blending the essence of our cultures through the selection of plants and chalk stones. This fusion intertwines within the historic hexagonal structure of the Temperate House, which was built in1862 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

BAMBOO SERENADE | County Hall Arts, London

::: Concert Stage Pavilion :::

Photo: Yuichi Kodai

The bamboo concert pavilion, designed to embrace British classical guitarist Alexandra Whittingham. The design artfully intertwines strings and bamboo along the banks of the river Thames, effortlessly uniting music and structure with the tranquil flow of the river and the caress of the wind.

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