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Our focus is on crafting bespoke design solutions for a wide range of projects with clients seeking desired spaces. From a room with a garden to the interior of residential, cultural, and commercial buildings, we engage with each project to create a borderless environment.

Drawing on our East-West cultural roots and our experiences in the fields of art, architecture, landscape, and garden design, our philosophy is to integrate requirements and readings into timeless and unique environments by consciously creating ever-flowing spaces with a story to tell, regardless of project type or scale. We strive to achieve a sense of continuity between spaces by considering the specific conditions and requirements of each site and reflecting them in our schemes that unify interior and exterior spaces to create a comprehensive view of our architecture.

One of our exemplary projects that represent the source of our philosophy is the zen temple pavilion “Kohtei” completed by Yuichi Kodai and Kohei Nawa, Yoshitaka Lee of SANDWICH Inc. in a complex of the “Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens”. The flow of scenery in their gardens and the architectural experience is designed for a physical and meditative journey in which each visitor perceives and has their understanding.

Our objective strongly engages with this approach which becomes the basis of making a story of experiences for each project concerning living and working spaces, including wellness, and bath cultures with interior or exterior garden. We transcend cultural boundaries by carefully selecting materials, construction techniques, and space compositions to create balance in a borderless environment. Ultimately, we aim to create lasting joy in their surrounding environment and

the people who experience it.


Our firm believes that the relationship between the interior and exterior of a space is essential to the success of any project. We draw inspiration from the historical heritage of Kyoto, where traditional homes, temples, and shrines seamlessly integrate natural elements into their architecture. Yuichi's interest in landscape design began with his work on the "Perez Art Museum, Miami" project with Herzog & de Meuron. He continued to refine his skills and approach, culminating in his collaboration on "Kohtei" in Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens with SANDWICH. This experience eventually led to our commission for the "Chalk Garden" at the world-renowned Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in London.


We are proud to integrate garden design into our services where we can extend the perception of spaces from interior to exterior through trees and plants which then encourage ecological diversity and promote a harmonious coexistence between us and nature. Our current endeavours involve multiple garden projects in Switzerland, where we delve into exploring the intricate relationship between architecture and the natural world.


Yuichi is rooted in Kimono and Bamboo crafts family, and our deep connection to the art & crafts world has been fostered through years of experience. At Herzog & de Meuron, he gained valuable insight into the operations, functionality, and exhibition of art in museums. Meanwhile, he honed his expertise at "Perez Art Museum Miami" and "TATE Modern" in London. He was crucial in developing exhibition spaces while collaborating with renowned artists to understand their unique perspectives on working with architects. Yuichi has been continuing his working relationship with SANDWICH as well as galleries and private collectors who hold an extensive range of art, from pre-19th-century European masterpieces to contemporary artworks. By engaging with artists and understanding their mindsets, values, and historical backgrounds, we can create environments that foster their creativity. We contributed to support the production of art in Europe and have been involved in collaborating with various galleries: Gyre Gallery in Omotesando-Tokyo,  Stuart Lochhead Sculpture, Hazlitt. Some artists and craftsman we've worked with include Kohei Nawa, Chiharu Shiota, Akira FujimotoCannon Heresy, and Goryozaburo Kanaya XVI.


At our firm, we prioritise collaboration with our clients to create designs that work seamlessly and evoke strong ideas. We understand that a successful project must not only work spatially and functionally but also connect with the client on an inspirational level. To achieve this, we work alongside skilled professionals, including craftsmen, building masters, engineers, specialists, architects, and landscaping professionals. We collaborate with experts in Europe, Switzerland and Japan to ensure our designs are realized as envisioned. Our services are available globally, with our base in Zurich serving as a hub for our work worldwide.


At our firm, we are committed to helping our clients incorporate Japanese elements into their environments. Whether it's through importing authentic materials or locally producing them, we strive to create spaces that embody the essence of Japanese design. In the past, we have imported Hinoki (Japanese cypress) bathtubs, Naguri flooring, Yoshino Hinoki and Sugi and other traditional goods. We also work closely with Japanese clay wall masters and value cross-cultural collaboration. We take pride in contributing to East meets West ventures and would be delighted to assist you in any way we can. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.


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Yuichi Kodai | kodai and associates

Yuichi Kodai

Architect / Co-Founder 

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

Architecture Registration Board (ARB)


Born in Kyoto, Japan

He founded Kodai and Associates in 2018. He graduated from the Architectural Association in London and worked with Herzog & de Meuron before establishing the architecture department at the contemporary art studio Sandwich Inc. in Kyoto and later working at Hildebrand Studios in Zurich.


- Singapore University of Technology and Design

  (SUTD), Visiting Assistant Professor

- Kyoto University of Art and Design 

Architecture Course, Fine Art Course

- Kurashiki Art and Science University

Fine Arts Course

Earlier Projects:

Herzog & de Meuron, Basel & London

> click project titles for project information

- TATE Modern, London

- Perez Art Museum Miami, Miami

- Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford

- BBVA Headquarters, Madrid

- 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami

- Archi di Luce, Lugano

​  other international projects

Claudia Maggi

Architect / Co-Founder 

Architecture Registration Board (ARB)


Born in Harrogate, United Kingdom

She founded Kodai and Associates in 2018. She graduated from Architectural Association in London and worked for the American practice Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) in London. She worked on a number of high-rise and high-profiled confidential projects developing her project management skills through all stages of work.

Earlier Projects:

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, London

> click project titles for project information

- Heron Tower, London

- Vauxhall Tower, London

- Bishopsgate Tower, London

  other confidential projects

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