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NEWS | April 2024

Lecture | Yoshino Wood, 500 years of history and its future.
Publication on Baublatt journal

We're pleased to announce the publication of our recent Yoshino Wood talk event in the respected building industry journal in Switzerland - Baublatt. Authored by Manuel Pestalozzi, the article encapsulates our exploration into the world of wood, with a special focus on our work contributions.

As we represent wood from Yoshino in Switzerland, we had an opportunity to showcase our work in relation to the use of wood in Switzerland with Japanese aesthetics. Our presentation demonstrated through KOHTEI project that the fusion of Japanese Kokera-buki timber roofing techniques with Swiss shingle walling techniques holds immense potential for architectural projects.

Our vision for incorporating Hinoki and Sugi woods into our designs resonated deeply with the audience, sparking sustainability and cultural exchange discussions.

The event showcased the Hinoki and Sugi woods from Japan's Yoshino region, providing a platform to discuss the intersection of Japanese and Swiss woodworking traditions. Yutaka Goto 's insights into sustainable forest management added depth to our dialogue, highlighting the cultural significance and craftsmanship inherent in these materials.

We were also honoured to have Kojiro Yamanaka, founder of "

ICHI inc ." in Osaka, share his expertise at the event. His efforts in marketing " Yoshino Wood " in Europe since 2018 have been instrumental in bringing these materials to a global audience. Yamanaka's commitment to quality and sustainability aligns perfectly with our values at kodaiandassociates GmbH, and his presence enriched our discussions.


We're grateful to Baublatt and Manuel Pestalozzi for capturing the essence of our event and sharing it with a wider audience. This milestone reaffirms our commitment to pushing boundaries, bridging cultures, and celebrating the beauty of wood in architecture.

Again, I extend my gratitude to this talk event organized by the Embassy of Japan in Switzerland as part of the 160th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Switzerland, supported by Schweizerisch-Japanische Gesellschaft (Swiss-Japanese Society) and Bollinger Funiere AG. The event took place at the University of Zurich , and we are grateful to Christian Schwarzenegger , vice chairman of International Affairs, for introducing our team to the audience and for his support in organizing this event.

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