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Art-fair stand for

An art-fair stand for London gallery, HAZLITT and Stuart Lochhead Sculpture specialised in 14-19th century arts. The gallery is composed of Picture Gallery, Garden Room and Private Room, set behind an angular facade that draws people into the space. Koshi window creates light separation glancing through its opening. The ambiance is carefully choreographed, enriching the importance of history, culture, and technique.


Press release from Hazlitt and Stuart Lochhead Sculpture 


  Following their collaboration at TEFAF New York in Fall 2019, Hazlitt and Stuart Lochhead Sculpture joined forces at TEFAF Maastricht 2020 to present an extraordinary stand designed by kodaiandassociates. Works on display included a painting by Cavalier d’Arpino previously unseen in public and a rare sculpture by Jean-Joseph Carriès.

  The stand was designed to draw people into the space which provided a sense of enclosure from the busy TEFAF walkways. The exhibition showcased 14th to 19th century Master paintings, drawings and sculptures in three defined spaces where works could be glimpsed through specific openings, offering directed views that drew the visitor’s curiosity and enriched the importance of history, culture and technique.


  Stand designer kodaiandassociates strongly value history, architecture, gardens, arts and craftsmanship of the Japanese environment, seamlessly merging them as a tradition and practicing them as a way of life. Their views as architects remain informed by and hinged to those fundamentals. Throughout their career, they have developed an understanding and sensitivity towards the realisation of a vision.  Kodaiandassociates believes in the importance of creating space as a memorable experience rather than merely creating enclosures - an ethos which will be represented in this TEFAF stand for Hazlitt and Stuart Lochhead Sculpture.


  Founded in 2018, Stuart Lochhead Sculpture displays the best in all media from antiquity to the 20th century. Stuart handles the work of some of the world’s most celebrated artists whilst also championing less known but equally fascinating sculptors. Included in this TEFAF display was an unusual and rare sculpture by Jean-Joseph Carriès (1855-1894), a contemporary of Rodin. With a mix of symbolism and Japoniste influence, Le Grenouillard is a fantastical sculpture showing half-man, half-frog, sitting among a family of smaller frogs, with his eyes popping out, his lips pinched and his long claw-like webbed extremities.

  Another highlight was a very rare Italian late-Gothic marble of St John the Baptist by Nino Pisano c. 1350–60. This work was a new addition to the small corpus of autograph sculpture by Pisano. It revealed a Gothic quality clearly indebted to Sienese and ultimately French precedents, as in the deeply-carved loops of drapery and the tender, intensely personal expressions. In this way, Pisano’s style came to distinguish itself from the more classicising, Giottesque manner of his father, Andrea Pisano, the author of the doors of the Baptistery in Florence.


  Hazlitt, originally founded in 1752, are leading dealers in Old Master paintings and drawings, by appointment to HM The Queen. The firm has long been renowned for its particular expertise in Old Master and English paintings and drawings as well as French 19th century art. The focal point of the stand was an impressive painting by Cavalier d’Arpino. The Archangel Michael has an incredible provenance yet has never before been shown publicly. Commissioned by either Urban VIII or Cardinal Francesco Barberini, it was documented in the latter’s collection in May 1627 (III.inv.26-31). The work then passed through the Barberini family and is recorded in collections including those of Anna Maria Barberini-Colonan de Scarria (1840-1911) and her husband, Tommaso Corsini. The Archangel dominates the whole picture, towering above Satan, crumpled at his feet. Michael is depicted raising his sword in a gesture of poised triumph, having already defeated Lucifer.


  Also on show by Hazlitt was Jean-Baptiste’s Oudry’s A Study of a Cat. Oudry was among the most versatile, successful and widely admired artists of his time. Perhaps his greatest achievement was to transform a type of painting – the animal study – from a rather lowly-regarded genre into one sought after by the greatest connoisseurs and collectors of the period. The predatory creature depicted here by Oudry is very different from the more usual portrayal of cats: the artist’s dispassionate observation adds a compelling quality to the drawing.

  Stuart Lochhead said "We are thrilled to be exhibiting with Hazlitt for the first time at TEFAF Maastricht mixing disciplines of paintings, sculpture, drawing and architecture and blending styles and media in a dynamic setting. We are pleased to be collaborating with the practice kodaiandassociates for our stand at this prestigious art fair. By marrying our respective disciplines, I believe we make each one of them more vivid".




Art fair stand


Maastricht, Netherland


Completed in March 2020


Floor Area: 70㎡





Stuart Lochhead Sculpture

TEFAF 2020


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