Yuichi Kodai & HILDEBRAND

  GYRE is located in the center of Omotesando in Tokyo, where it was designed to draw people from the street in a notional spiral form. GYRE GALLERY is located on the third floor of this building, showcasing, as a mirror of trends, ideologies, and expressions of our contemporary society. It also functions as an experimental platform where the creativity of artists can be shown through their exhibitions.


  The layout of the gallery intends to encourage visitors to engage, feel, understand, and absorb the artist's view of the world through four allocated gallery spaces. They are arranged to provide enriching exhibition experiences through circular circulation. The installation gallery is located at the center of the exhibition sequence where artists can fully express their belief as to the core of their exhibition theme. Other spaces are arranged around it while exposed to an external environment that exhibitors are able to incorporate as a part of their show. The visitors will be fully immersed with the artist's world through seamlessly composed spaces until one is satisfied.

  When you get in the flow of a spiral, you can see the world from many different angles. The impression conveyed through the experience will be remembered as an experience of time and space fused in the viewers' mind. GYRE GALLERY will be the space that will continue to further disseminate our contemporary world as one of an important facility in Tokyo - the city known to be filled with a rich culture of creativity.



Art Gallery


Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan.



Completed in April 2019


Project Management :  Sumisyo Urban Kaihatsu Co., Ltd

Space Direction : JTQ Inc., Junji Tanigawa

Architect :  Yuichi Kodai & Thomas Hildebrand | HILDEBRAND 

Lighting Design : Plus y, Masaki Yasuhara

Entrance D.Handle : 16th Goryozaburou Kanaya

Interior Fit-out :  ISHIMARU

Photograph: Nobutada Omote




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