as Director of SANDWICH Inc. in collaboration with HILDEBRAND

  The project composes of 4 housing units located in Staefa, on the outskirts of Zurich. The site sits within a residential area, surrounded by traditional Swiss houses, the Alps, open grass fields and the lake of Zurich. The housing consists of three stories, where each floor has a strong visual and physical relationship to its surrounding gardens, its neighbours, the mountains and the lake. These relationships add to the quality of living space a sense of time and of seasons. The interior space is composed of timber elements, which provides a comfortable lifestyle through the warmth of material.

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New Housing, Staefa, Switzerland.

Site Area: 2300㎡ |Floor Area: 570㎡

Completed in 2013



SANDWICH Inc. (Kohei Nawa, Yuichi Kodai,Yoshitaka Lee)