as Director of SANDWICH Inc. in collaboration with HILDEBRAND

  The Kunsthaus Baselland is embedded in the Dreispitzhalle in Basel, Switzerland. The existing building is a typical warehouse where a good structural system is available to accommodate the function of the museum. The hall is perceived as a place of cultural production by the local residences, least architectural interventions were introduced in order to continue its identity. Such conversions are in line with the process of an urbanizing district. The exhibition space, therefore, kept as flexible as possible in order to provide a space for the artist to express their artistic creation. This scheme was awarded the second price.


Art Gallery, Competition


Basel, Switzerland.


Completed in  2015


Site Area: 1800 ㎡ |Floor Area: 1200 ㎡




SANDWICH Inc. (Kohei Nawa, Yuichi Kodai, Yoshitaka Lee)


k o d a i   a n d   a s s o c i a t e s


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