We are conscious of creating ever-flowing spaces that have a story to tell regardless of project type or scale.

We perceive notional connections between spaces through site-specific environmental conditions. We are not afraid to propose spaces that can be experienced through carefully composed proportions and chosen materials regardless of indoor-outdoor transition. We love to use all of our past experiences in architecture, art, and landscape to create a comprehensive experience.


  We are an architectural studio founded by Yuichi Kodai (Japan) and Claudia Maggi (UK-Italy) in 2017 in Kyoto, Japan. The studio moved to Zürich, Switzerland, where we continue to offer a wide range of services. 


  Yuichi worked with Herzog & de Meuron in Basel and London for several years before setting up an architectural department with Kohei Nawa in SANDWICH, Kyoto, also known as Creative Platform for Contemporary Art. He finished the award-winning project, Kohtei, in Hiroshima prefecture before establishing the studio with Claudia. He currently also works at HILDEBRAND Studios.


  Claudia worked at Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF) in London for many years and has worked on a number of large and complex projects, including Herron Tower, once the tallest skyscraper in London. She then went independent and established the studio. 



  We propose bespoke architecture from private and residential projects, art galleries, product design, and other topics that are related to our living environment.

  We create facades, develop interior spaces, and even venture outdoors to do landscaping. We believe in always aiming towards producing a unique product with a solution that meets your expectations and beyond.


with you 

  We keep at all times an open dialogue with you and all parties involved, in order to make sure that the design progresses steadily and on time. Your ideas and proposals are always greatly valued, together with you, we constantly challenge our design choices until you are fully satisfied. 

with our following mindsets

1・Working with “the presence of the site”  

2・Integrating “nature and environment”

3・Considering “human value and scale”  

4・Embedding  “the power of material”

with collaborators

  Collaboration is always the key aspect of realizing a successful project. We collaborate with local architects and often landscape artisans, craftsmen, and building masters on a regular basis. We believe that each discipline can work together to enrich the quality and meaning behind the final product we propose.


We carry out our design services from Zürich. Our projects are in the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Japan. Working in different countries influences the way we think of our proposal. It often results in a cross-cultural product which is also our aim. 


We would like to connect parties to encourage East meets West culture contribution. We would like to also help you to import/export goods from and to Japan and Europe. Art, Product, etc